Sunday, 14 April 2019

Phase 3 is coming... (2)


I have acquired a website hosting service from Viral Hosts and started preparation for Phase 3. The new site won't have anymore free members, but will have an entry level Basic membership costing only 1.00 USD once-off. If you are currently a Free member, please do one of the following:

1. If you don't want to pay, I won't hold it against you. Send me a message with form at the bottom (only) providing me your GMAIL address and tell me you are not interested anymore. I will cancel your membership without hard feelings. You can always come back later.

If you cancel in any other way, you will be hard unsubscribe and cannot return. 

If you leave it just like it is and ignore this instruction, you membership will be terminated after the middle of May when the new site are installed. A message in this regard has been sent to all Phase 2 members on April 13, 2019.

2. Go to the UPGRADE page at the secure site (you must be logged into your GMAIL address and be confirmed at the site) and upgrade.

If you don't have access, use the form below, provide me with your email address and tell me you have a problem to login and I will resend you your access email.

3. Go HERE and pay me 1.00 USD - add the comment "RHTE786" to the comment field and I will add you as a Basic member to Phase 3.

IMPORTANT: The new site also boasts more advertising done for you. You now will have banner advertising, text advertising, solo advertising and URL advertising all done by me on viral websites so you can get maximum exposure. The additional details will be added after payment (upgrade or Basic membership).

If you are not a member yet and want to be part of the launch in November / December AND benefit from advertising already, then go to the REGISTRATION tab above and complete your basic details. After confirmation it would be vital that you either pay 1.00 USD or upgrade and provide the additional information to stay in the race. The new website will make payment and registration much easier, but, as it is still not live, you have to provide the basic and additional details, as well as pay, separately.

SCHEDULE TO LAUNCH (What lies ahead for Rhodesian Traffic 786)

Phase 3 Prep (April /May):

  • Transfer upgraded members' details to temporary form to be used until the launch. Get additional information via email / form update.
  • Removal of free members and addition of Basic membership. Offer Basic membership to current Free members and obtain additional information via email / form update after payment.
  • Creation and testing of new website (LFM script).
  • Launch of Phase 3.

Phase 4 Prep (June / July):

  • Upgrade to LFMVM script.
  • Testing of new website.
  • Launch of Phase 4.

Final Prep (August - October):

  • Add a lightweight LFMTE script.
  • Add special extras to complete website.
  • Testing of final website.
  • Prepare for launch advertising.

Birthday bash and launch (November - December):