Thursday, 9 May 2019

Phase 3 is coming... (3)


You are now registering on the Phase 2 website for Phase 3 with a temporary form. The Phase 3 site will boast more advertising done for you - and it's already running on current website!

  1. You now have banner advertising, text advertising, solo advertising and URL advertising all done by the Duck on viral websites so you can get maximum exposure.
  2. Payment and registration now takes place on one page. (No more register and wait for confirmation before you can upgrade!)
  3. New HOME splash page from May 22, 2019 - the more direct approach and better for getting signups. Old home page are the More Details page now.
  4. New BANNERS, TEXT ADS and SOLOS pages for current advertisements.


SCHEDULE TO LAUNCH (What lies ahead for Rhodesian Traffic 786)

Phase 3 Prep ( Outstanding for May and early June):

  • Use of temporary form until the launch on current Phase 2 website for rest of May.
  • Creation and testing of new website (LFM script).
  • Launch of Phase 3 (early June).

Phase 4 Prep (Mid June to early August):

  • Upgrade to LFMVM script.
  • Testing of new website.
  • Launch of Phase 4.

Final Prep (Mid August to October):

  • Add a lightweight LFMTE script.
  • Add special extras to complete and make website unique.
  • Testing of final website.
  • Prepare for launch advertising.

Birthday bash and launch (November - December):